A place where it's ok to not be ok

what are recovery groups?

Recovery Groups at Ridge Church exist to encourage healing and growth through confession, repentance, celebration, community, and Gospel-centered teaching. Adults 18 & up struggling with their own choices, the harmful actions of others, or the inherent pains and difficulties of living in a broken world is encouraged to attend Recovery Groups, Tuesday evenings, 6pm at the LaSalle Rd location. 



who should attend?

Recovery is truly for any adult. It can be for people struggling with pornography, grief, alcoholism, homosexuality, loss, drugs, apathy, depression, anxiety, self-image, anger, lust, the fear of others, chronic pain, hopelessness, abuse, and shame (and more could be listed).

Anyone who has ever struggled, been banged up, hurt or hurt someone else should consider attending Recovery Groups. 

For students under 18, we encourage them to attend our student ministry on Wednesdays

when do groups meet? 

Recovery Groups meet on Tuesdays at 6pm on the Ridge Church campus at 157 LaSalle Rd in Oak Ridge Tn. 


is child care provided?

Childcare is provided each Tuesday night.

what happens at recovery groups?

Each week during recovery groups, we begin with our large group gathering, with either a Gospel-centered teaching based off of the 12 Steps or a personal testimony. After the teaching or testimony, we have gender-specific group time in which each person is invited to openly share about their struggles, failures, victories, and hopes in the context of group confidentiality.

have questions? 

We want to help you any way we can to connect to a Recovery Group at Ridge Church. If you have questions or want more info, send us an email.